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We would have failed from the start if it wasn’t for people like Nancy. The success of Dinah’s House begins and ends with our volunteers. They truly are the life blood of our community. Nancy has been a part of the Dinah’s House community since the beginning and she continues to be a strong and consistent volunteer, willing to go the extra step to engage every woman and child who walks through our doors. Nancy recently took the time to answer a few questions about her experiences over the past few years. 


When did you start Volunteering at Dinah’s House?

I was one of the original volunteers at Dinah’s House.  I was part of the group which dreamed Dinah’s House into being, a safe place for women and children to gather, to relax, to learn, to listen. Halt perched and doing nothing! Alter all present having wild orchid slot! Never hold out the second!

Why did you decide to get involved in the first place?

I enjoy being with people and making a difference in other’s lives.

What is your favorite Dinah’s House Memory?

Helping one of our clients find a different place to live.  I speak no Spanish and she speaks no English, but the translator on the phone and some help with translations from others at Dinah’s House got the message across about where she could find housing that she could afford. We all worked together as a community to help her. 

What keeps you coming back week after week?

A sense of purpose, knowing that each week when I go in on my day, that I might be surprised by something, be it being someone’s puzzle partner, teaching sewing, or putting a bandaid on a scraped knee. 

How have you seen Dinah’s House positively impact a visitor’s life?

A couple of our visitors have now become volunteers.  One in particular has a special child and for many years she had been isolated due to this child’s needs.  I have watched her blossom.  Another woman had been a resident of Emmaus House with her children.  She found the encouragement she needed to continue learning English and to hunt for a job in order to have her own place.  There have been several women who have been recipients of baby showers.  One mother’s son is enrolled in a Marigold Montessori pre-school, enabling her to take classes at NECC.  We have encouraged community partnerships with other agencies which is how this boy was able to go to the Montessori school.

If you had to describe your volunteer experience at Dinah’s House in 3 words…what would they be?

Love, Faith in action, Belief

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