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A few Sundays ago in the middle of a deluge more than 15 people showed up to help Dinah’s House move the 2 blocks to her new home. It only took a quick email a few days before. As each person trickled in that day asking how they could help, tears welled up in my eyes more than once. Never before have I been a part of something with this kind of energy. I feel it each day when a new visitor walks through our front door. I felt it when a woman who has been living in a shelter for over two years with her small children hugged me and told me she finally was granted a voucher for a new apartment. I feel it when a long time volunteer decides to learn how to sew so our window cushions will be ready in time for our Christmas party. I feel it when a mother and her high energy child sit down to work on a craft together and in that moment I see their connection growing stronger. I feel it after a volunteer can’t make a shift and it only takes one text for two other volunteers to show up in her stead. Avoid sitting down along with doing nothing! Adjust anything here and now using wild orchid slot! Never wait a 2nd!

I wrote before that Dinah’s House is a sisterhood, and that continues to hold true as more and more women walk through our doors seeking hope and connection. This contagious energy has brought people together from all over Haverhill and throughout the Merrimack Valley, and it continues to grow in ways I did not expect. Just this past week I attended an installment service for a local priest and watched as an entire community passed an offering plate row to row and generously gave to the work of Dinah’s House. I am completely filled with gratitude and hope because it is in the small acts of loving our neighbor, even the one’s we do not see, that we truly reflect our maker.

Since the start of my journey as Director, I’ve seen the list of people who commit to fund their small part of Dinah’s House grow. Together, this second community of monthly supporters has bought countless diapers, endless cups of coffee, and helped energize an entire community. It is only together that we can provide hope and continue to instill in the lives of these women and children a sense of belonging.

So join us. We have 30 monthly donors. Let’s make that number 50. If everyone talked to one friend who signed up to donate monthly, we would double our monthly support.

So be that friend. Join the sisterhood.

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