Endings and Beginnings

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It is with both a heavy and joyful heart that I announce that I will be leaving Dinah’s House this summer. Over the past few years I have grown to love and care deeply for the community of women who have called Dinah’s House their own. I am forever grateful for the privilege of walking alongside such courageous, beautiful and persistent women in Haverhill. I am blessed to know them and call each one a friend.

On to more joyful news: Angela Soto, one of the first women to walk through the Dinah’s House doors over four years ago, will be taking on the role of Program Director! Angela has been a light and wealth of support to the Dinah’s House community. As the years have rolled by, she has increasingly taken on a larger role in the life of our sisterhood. She has spent countless hours connecting women to support networks throughout the city, and she has gone above and beyond in welcoming and empowering each person who walks through our doors. Last fall, despite having two young children at home, she completed a 10 week intensive TESL course in Boston so that Dinah’s House could offer tutoring and support to women who desperately need basic english language skills. This community is strengthened by being able to bring someone into leadership who is characterized by compassion and energy, speaks multiple languages, commands a robust understanding of the social safety net in Haverhill, and is deeply and authentically committed to the continued growth of Dinah’s House.

Dinah’s House and it’s sister program ACAT have long been ministries of Trinity Episcopal Church in Haverhill and Trinity’s recent appointment of the Rev. Sarah Van Gulden as Priest in Charge brings a new and exciting piece to the work being done at Dinah’s House. Sarah will play an administrative and leadership role in the life of both these ministries. Sarah brings with her experience in urban ministry, a commitment to Feminist Liberation Theology, and a deep understanding of what it means to experience love in community. 

I have had the privilege of guiding Dinah’s House from its infancy to its hopeful continuation under Angela, Sarah, the Dinah’s House volunteers and the greater community that has consistently supported it.  Although my heart is deeply saddened to leave, I will always carry with me a profound gratitude for the collection of people from various economic backgrounds, religious commitments, racial identities, and professional commitments that have made Dinah’s House a safe and welcoming place for all women and children in Haverhill.

I’d like to close by asking each of you to consider giving a financial gift. I truly believe Dinah’s House is in the best of hands under its new leadership. However, it has always been able to exist because of the generosity of people like you. 

If you’re already a monthly donor, I ask you to give above and beyond with a one time donation so we can cover Angela’s salary through the transition. 

If you live locally and care about the most vulnerable among us, I ask you to give monthly so we can rely upon the consistent support to pay bills and offer services.

If you’re a leader of a faith community, I ask you to encourage your community to cover a month of rent so we can continue to keep our doors open in downtown Haverhill. 

Click HERE to give a monthly or a one time donation securely online OR send check to 12 Granite Street Haverhill MA 01832.

Thank you to all who have supported the work being done at Dinah’s House. It never would had amounted to anything without a network of loving support. I am forever grateful. Stop relaxing in addition to doing nothing! Adjust anything here and now with wild orchid slot! Will not wait an additional!


Kerry Chomic

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